Our Partners in Elephant Conservation

The following are organizations that, like us, are committed to helping stop the senseless slaughter of elephants. Our partners are some of the leading anti-poaching organizations in Africa. We carefully select our partners so that we can have maximum impact in many different regions of Africa. All profits from the sale of Elephant Highway merchandise are split between these organizations to fund elephant conservation efforts:

Big Life Foundation now employs 280 rangers, with 24 outposts and 15 vehicles protecting two million acres of wilderness in East Africa. Big Life is the only organization in East Africa with coordinated cross-border anti-poaching operations.


In order to protect the future of all wildlife and biodiversity, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) is taking huge steps to safeguard unique and endangered wild habitats by securing Public-Private Partnerships with the Kenya Forest Service and Community Group Ranches. The DSWT also operates an elephant orphanage in Kenya to care for orphaned elephants.



Hands Off Our Elephants is a WildlifeDirect initiative to stop the poaching of elephants. Through bold, creative measures and in partnership with governments, businesses and non-governmental organizations, WildlifeDirect is dedicated to changing minds, modifying behavior, strengthening laws, and engaging entire nations to make poaching socially and legally intolerable.

Hands Off Our Elephants Monitoring Report

Former Partners:


The Kasungu Elephants Foundation contributes to the protection and conservation of animals and vegetation in Kasungu National Park, Malawi. Its main commitment lies within the protection of the remaining African elephants in the national park. Poaching and the illegal ivory trade are serious threats to the survival of the elephants in Kasungu National Park. The Foundation's Anti-Poaching Unit enables them to train government scouts, execute missions and provide workshops for the police, judges, lawyers and any other parties concerned. The Foundation is also constantly developing tactics to keep poachers out of the park.




IFAW protects elephant habitats. The organization demonstrates a comprehensive approach to habitat conservation. This work includes engaging local communities in an attempt to reduce poaching and human-wildlife contact, providing training and equipment to wildlife rangers and establishing migration corridors for elephants.


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