2013: An Important Year for the Elephant

January 01, 2014 0 Comments

Happy New Year to all!! Thank you to everyone who worked in 2013 to save the elephants. As we begin the New Year, let us look back on the progress we have made towards ensuring the future survival of the largest and most charismatic land mammal on the planet: the African elephant.  

  • The United States and the Philippines destroyed their ivory stockpiles. (11 tons of ivory)
"We're doing this to send a signal to the world that we need to crush the illegal trade in ivory and wildlife products in general," - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe


  • NGOs Partner to End Elephant Poaching - A Part of the The Clinton Global Initiative
"Stop the Killing, Stop the Trafficking, Stop the Demand"
Partners in the Commitment to Save Elephants
Partners in the Commitment to Save Elephants


  • The International March for Elephants - Over 35 Cities Across the Globe



  • Hands Off Our Elephants, Elephant Highway's partner, helped in securing harsher criminal punishments for poachers in Kenya.
"The proposed Wildlife Conservation and Management Bill seeks to increase the fine for offenses including unlawfully killing wild animals to as much as 10 million Kenyan shillings ($114,351) from 40,000 shillings, and raise the jail term to as many as 15 years." - Bloomberg Media


Although the elephant is in less danger than it was a year ago, we must continue advocating for them. Elephants are a keystone species, meaning that they shape the ecosystems where they roam. Elephant Highway was born out of our desire to join the global movement to save the elephant, but our work is not yet finished.  In order to save the elephant from extinction, we must work even harder than we did in 2013. That is our New Years Resolution. Please join us.

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